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2006 Promoter of the Year Award

The Pennsylvania Angus Association honored Sidney Riggs with the Pennsylvania Promoter of the Year Award at its annual meeting on January 7, 2007. The award is given to individuals and/or organizations that actively promote Angus beef and contribute to the Angus industry. Bill Riggs, co-owner of ErReR Hill Farms accepted the award on behalf of his father, Sidney, who passed away in September 2006.







2002 Seed Stock Breeders Award

 Sidney and Alberta Riggs owners of ErReR Hill Farms, a well-known breeder of registered Angus cattle were selected to receive the 2002 Seed Stock Breeders Award from the Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association. Mr. and Mrs. Riggs first bought Angus cattle in cooperation with Sidney's father, Eugene in 1957, and have embarked on a comprehensive herd and breed improvement program since that time through many different aspects of their management and breeding program. According to Terry Shearer, president of the Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association "In many ways, the Riggs breeding and managementexemplify a modern application of basic principles of animal genetics to improvement of beef cattle to enhance the genetic capabilities of beef cattle to even further the efficiency of using feed and other land resources in producing the higher-quality, more nutritious beef for the consumer".

ErReR Hill Farms has participated in the Meat Animal Evaluation performance-testing program since the 1970's and has owned the top-indexing and the top-selling bull. In addition, ErReR Hill Farms has had two performance-tested bull sales on the farm, which has been unique among Pennsylvania breeders of any beef cattle breed. The number of cows in the herd, as well as the improved genetic ability of the herd, has allowed performance testing and subsequent sales to be accomplished similar to some of the larger herds in the western states. Recently ErReR Hill Farms held its first production sale which averaged $3,700 per lot, with a top sale of $19,000-cattle sold through this sale were purchased by buyers from 15 different states.

Due to the success in breeding and sales management of the herd, the Penn State University's Extension and Research program has benefited from embryos and live cattle being donated to the extension and research program. This has resulted in long-term agreement between ErReR Hill Farm and Penn Sate for continued cooperation and even further enhancement of the genetic ability of both the university and ErReR Hill herds. In addition to the support of the Penn State University program directly, the Riggs family has supported for many years 4-H and FFA events in the county, by being the top buyers of livestock at the county fair for many years, and in contributing to state youth programs. Another example of the devotion of Sidney and Alberta Riggs to the importance of education and particularly youth involved in agriculture has been the continued support from the initiation, of the Pennsylvania Beef Expo Junior Show and other Junior activities. The Pennsylvania Beef Expo Junior Shows have become the largest Junior events in the Northeast states, and could not exist without the contribution from individuals such as the Riggs family. ErReR Hill Farms has been the sight of many education events, including Field Days, and farm tours. In addition to the outstanding cattle herd that has been developed by the Riggs family, there has the application of many environmental stewardship and land conserving practices that have not only served to conserve the natural resources of the farm under the Riggs management, but of also served as an education aid to both farm and non-farm groups and individuals. Countless other producers have benefited from observing the effectiveness of soil conservation practices that not only conserve natural resources, but also improve the efficiency of beef production. ErReR Hill Farms received the Environmental Stewardship Award from the Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association in 1998, and has continued to make even further improvements since that time.

Keystone Environmental Stewardship Award

The Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association awarded the 1996 Keystone Environmental Stewardship Award to ErReR Hill Farms, owned by Sidney and Alberta Riggs. The farm is home to 300 head of purebred Angus and 200 head of commercial cattle, ostriches, and llamas.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association established the Environmental Stewardship Award in 1992, and ErReR Hill Farms was nominated for the national award in 1994 and 1995. The Pennsylvania Cattlemen's initiated the Keystone Environmental Award to emphasize the harmony that exists between beef cattle production and the many different environmental considerations that are an important part of our society.

ErReR Hill Farms has been a leader in the use of rotational grazing, spring development, land reclamation, maintaining or enhancing water quality, and many other components of an environment where both farmers and all segments of the general public can coexist. According to Dr. Lowell L. Wilson, Penn State Professor of Animal Science and Secretary of the Association, "Farmers and ranchers take their responsibilities as custodians of the rural lands of the nation very seriously. The environmental stewardship citations of producers who do an exceptional job of caring for and improving their herds and farms is a credit to everyone involved with agriculture."

For more information, contact the Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association at 814-692-4208.

Other Awards

Highest Indexing Bull Over All Breeds, PAEC 1999 Presented by The PA Angus Association
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