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ErRer Hill Farms is less than eight miles north of Somerset, exit 110 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Please refer to the detailed map below, which is highlighted by landmarks, starting from the Somerset Town Center. Mileage to each landmark is computed from the start point.

1) Start Somerset Town Center
2) 0.5 miles North Center Ave to PA Turnpike Entrance
3) 3.0 miles Continue on North Center Ave (also Route 601), past Lincoln Supply & Equipment Co. and tthe entrance ramp to Route 219. Continue north on Route 601.
4) 4.1 miles Route 601 turns right at the BP Gas Station. Turn right and continue on Route 601. Note that Route 601 makes a sharp right turn at the bottom of the hill. Continue on 601.
5) 7.0 miles Look for the ErRer Hill Farm sign on your right. Turn left onto Riggs Road.
6) 7.1 miles Follow Riggs Road to the farm entrance.

We look forward to your arrival!

Riggs Industries, Inc. Errer Hill Farms raises and breeds Black Angus cattle, llamas, ostriches, miniature horses and minature donkeys.
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