What we do

Need help building your website, or do you have any technical problems?
Need help with editing your photos?
Do you want to collab with us and promote a product or service that suits our values?

Working in Samos, Greece Working in Samos, Greece



Do you need a WordPress site? Or do you want the crème de la crème - a website coded from scratch without using CMS or templates? We built this website using plain HTML5, CSS3, JS and PHP. Remco has already more than 10 years experience in webdevelopment and coding a complete website is the best you can get. Benefits are a fast and clean website, less risk of being hacked, no unnecessary plugins and infinite design options.

Interested? Don’t hesitate and send an email to info@errer.com or use our contact form.

Solving problems

Besides building a website, we can help you resolve technical problems like installing plugins or updates. We are able to make your site user-friendly, mobile responsive and we can speed up the loading time. Let us check your website and we will solve your problems and improve your site.

Interested in a free website scan without obligation? After we completed our scan, we will give you some free tips on what can be improved. You are not committed to anything and you can always decide if you want to engage with us. Sounds great right?!

We will look at the visual aspect like the design, content, layout and user experience. Also we will have a look at the technical part, such as loading speed, possible errors and your source code (HTML, CSS en JS). Lastly, we will take a look at your social media channels.

‘’We are creative, entrepreneurs, adventurers, earth lovers, hard workers’’


Need photos?

All the images and videos published on our Instagram accounts and website are created by ourselves. Images are incredibly valuable to enhance your blog posts. Do you also want images for your website or social media channels? We are happy to help you with that.

Feel free to send us an email to info@errer.com or use our contact form.


Both we are experienced in using editing programs Photoshop and Lightroom. Click here to see some editing work. What can we do for you? We can edit your photos to the next level, in your desired style.

Are you curious how we can improve your photos? We will edit one photo for free to show you the difference. If you are satisfied with the result, we can edit more photos for you.

Product placement

Featuring your product? As entrepreneurs we like to meet adventurous people who want to brainstorm with us how to put a product or brand in the spotlight. Creativity is our middle name.

For example, a sponsored article or video on errer.com and / or errer.nl or Instagram in the form of recipe, review, giveaway or blog post including your brand or product. We are excited to collaborate with you and make this a success!

Please note, we only work with brands and companies that fit our personality, values and and target group. Our target group consists of women and men aged 20 to 45 who live consciously, sustainably and healthy. People with a positive mindset who love adventure and nature. Open minded people and active internet users.

Do you see similarities?

Do not hesitate to send us an email to info@errer.com or use our contact form.

Also passionate about sustainability, health, vegan food, traveling, nature & animals?

Let’s collaborate!

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